Start off the 2020s with a New Kitchen Renovation

Samsung Family Hub Connected Kitchen

Can you believe were about to embark on a new decade? Lets call it the roaring 2020s as we move towards a high-tech time of reinvention and reinvigoration. And part of that might include some home renovations. Theres no better time to rethink your kitchen and bring it into fashion with the new year then when a new one commences.

This might include splurging on new countertops, floors, backsplashes, and more. But the centrepiece of your kitchen is always the appliances. These are the functional items you use every day, whether its to prep, store or cook your food, or clean your dishes when youre done.

You can go big with an entire new set of major appliances or start with some cool new small appliances to complement the set-up.

New Major Appliances for Your Kitchen Renovation in 2020

Theres a new trend toward black stainless steel appliances. If you want to jump aboard, that might include upgrading everything so they all match.

Starting with a refrigerator, consider one like the Samsung Family Hub, which is both super sleek in design and really high-tech. It has a Wi-Fi-enabled touchscreen on the front door that you can use for information, entertainment, checking schedules, and more. A new feature will even provide a word of the day and fun facts to get your morning going. Plus, it has three cameras inside that can display what food is inside on the touchscreen to prevent you from having to constantly open and close the door and let the cold air out.

If you want to stick with a more traditional stainless finish, you can get the Family Hub in that, too. Or look at options like the LG Instaview refrigerator, which can also show you whats inside by simply knocking twice on the outside of the glass to illuminate the interior. Plus, theres a door-in-door design so you can store things like snacks and drinks in the outer door for quick and easy retrieval.

For something simpler, there are options like the Insignia 30 bottom freezer refrigerator that has a 6.6-cubic-foot bottom freezer with Pull-out drawer for keeping frozen foods separate and easily accessible.

If you prefer to stick to more traditional white, there are refrigerators like the Insignia 31 bottom freezer refrigerator that comes in crisp white with the same Pull-out drawer in the freezer and a frost-free design.

Next is a dishwasher. If youre sticking with the black stainless steel trend, they come from a variety of different manufacturers. The Bosch 24 Dishwasher has a stainless steel tub and operates at a quiet 42dB. A third rack is included to accommodate more items, which is ideal for large families or those who entertain often. Just make sure that if youre buying black appliances separately, the shade of black matches with the rest.

An option for a finish other than black could be the more traditional Whirlpool 24 50dB built-in dishwasher, which comes in a monochromatic stainless steel finish. It, too, has a third level rack and can hold up to 12 place settings.

Another traditional option in terms of silver stainless finish is the Insignia 24 51dB built-in dishwasher, that has a convenient delay start option so you can set it to clean anywhere from one to 24 hours after its full. This can help you save on energy costs if electricity is cheaper during certain hours in your province, for example.

The final piece of the major appliances puzzle for your kitchen is the oven/range. You can opt for gas (if you have a gas line in your home), electric, or dual fuel. I like and use dual fuel because I find that gas burners work better while an electric oven is more favourable. If you want to go the dual fuel route, the GE Profile 30 Self Clean True Convection 5-Burner Slide-In Dual Fuel Range comes in traditional stainless steel and is even Wi-Fi-connected so you can control it from your phone.

If youre looking for a black stainless steel stove to match other new appliances, theres the Samsung 30 True Convection Freestanding Smooth Top Electric Range, that has an extra-large 12 element for accommodating larger pots and pans and a keep warm zone that can keep food warm while you rally the family for dinner.

Note that if youre planning to do a complete kitchen renovation and upgrade everything, it might be wise to look into kitchen appliance packages that include multiple matching appliances sold together at a discount. Theres a package from Frigidaire, for example, that includes a 30 top freezer refrigerator, an electric range, and a dishwasher that even comes with a new matching cookware set. Or, if you want to stay on trend with black stainless, theres a Samsung packagethat includes a 36 French Door refrigerator, electric range, and dishwasher, all of which come in that stylish finish, along with an 11-piece stainless steel cookware set from Cuisinart.

Whatever you do, make sure you get the right sizes of each appliance to fit in your kitchen, especially if the appliances will be built in or slide in. Make sure they all match, or if youre buying one new item, or planning to upgrade one by one, that it at least looks good with appliances you already have until you budget to continue updating.

Small Appliances for Your Kitchen Renovation in 2020

If you arent ready for a complete overhaul, you can also make some small renovation touches to your kitchen, including adding new small countertop appliances to give your kitchen some extra flare.

I love red, which I find stands out nicely on a countertop and matches with virtually any dcor and design. A sleek and sexy mixerwould look great on any countertop. The KitchenAid Custom Stand Mixer comes in many finish options, including a glossy empire red. It has a large 4.5-quart stainless steel mixing bowl for whipping up big batches or food, dough for homemade bread, and batter for desserts.

No kitchen is complete, in my opinion, without a multicooker. My favourite option in this category is the Instant Pot. I have the Ultra 10-in-1 model that is perfect for pressure cooking all kinds of food, from meats, poultry, and fish to vegetables, potatoes, and corn. You can make chili, bake cakes (Ive made both chocolate lava cakes and even cheesecake!), and even your own homemade yogurt.

One neat small appliance you might have had your eye on but dont yet own is an air fryer. The Insignia Air Fryer is made of stainless steel to match other silver stainless appliances and can be used to cook everything from fried chicken to nuggets, appetizers, French fries, and more in a much healthier way, using very little to no oil.

Bottom Line for Your 2020 Kitchen Renovation

Whether youre planning to completely gut your kitchen and start anew for 2020, or just want to update it with some sleek and sexy small appliances, there are lots of appliance options from which to choose. Just make sure to get items that match not only one another but with the overall look and feel of your kitchen, and the rest of its dcor.

Theres no better to get you started for the new year than having a brand new kitchen. Kitchens are often where families get together in the home, and its always where people congregate during a gathering. So its the one room of your home that, with a refresh for 2020, can get you geared up for the new year to come.

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