Pumpkin Pie

Show Me: Clean pastry blender & pastry board

Teacher Check: D1 – The dough before you roll it, D2 – Done Pie

Cookery Principle: Pastry – pie making


Pie Crust:
Ingredients Measurement Shortening  80 ml Flour  250 ml Salt  2 ml Cold water 55 ml
Pie Filling:
Ingredients Measurement Pumpkin  185 ml Sugar  90 ml Salt  1 ml Cinnamon  2 ml Ginger  1 ml Nutmeg  1 ml Cloves  1 ml Egg  1 ml Milk  155 ml
Small bowl Measuring spoons Measuring cups Small metal spatula Pastry blender Liquid measurer Pastry board Rolling pin Custard cups Jelly roll pan Utility fork Pie tin Kitchen shears Silicone spatula Cooling rack
Measure the flour and salt into a small bowl. Cut the shortening into the flour with a pastry blender. Drizzle water a little at a time only until dough sticks together. Collect any pastry that sticks together and set it on your pastry board. Lightly press the dough into a ball. Roll pastry between two pieces of wax paper until about 0.5 thick. Divide into two pie plates. Finish edges. Mix all of the filling ingredients in a bowl and then pour into the prepared pie shells. Bake pies for 40 minutes or until the pie filling is set, the crust is golden brown and the shell easily moves in its pan. The pie is set when a knife placed in the centre of the filling comes out clean.
Nutritional Value:

Food Groups:
Fruits & vegetables Grain products Protein
Major Nutrients:
Minerals Vitamins Water Carbohydrate Fat

Nutmeg – from a seed where a lacy membrane called mace covers a brown egg-shaped seed. The flavour is warm. spicy and sweet.