Paradise Awaits Your Family at Coastal Abide Condos in Myrtle Beach, SC


Thank you to Coastal Abide for providing me with accommodations to facilitate this post. All thoughts are my own.

What better way to kick off and enjoy summer break than spending time at one of the US' top family beaches? Myrtle Beach, SC is known for its endless summer vibe along the Grand Strand, and it's a beach my family and I have been visiting for over twenty years. We've enjoyed many different accommodations on our beach vacations through the years, but none have been as fabulous and spectacular as the stunningly gorgeous condos owned by Coastal Abide in the Margate Tower of Kingston Plantation.

Margate Tower at Kingston Plantation, Myrtle Beach, SC.

Kingston Plantation is its own beautiful community right off the beach. It's located in a gated 145-acre oceanfront resort, with gorgeous gardens, parks, and half a mile of oceanfront property. Within Kingston Plantation are privately owned homes, villas, hotels, and condos, offering up luxury living and vacation homes away from home for its visitors.

Within Kingston Plantation is the absolutely fabulous Margate Tower, a magnificent oceanfront condo complex, boasting gorgeous condos with unique floorplans and stunning views. Coastal Abide owns and offers five gorgeous condos in Margate Tower, giving everyone a chance to experience luxury living at the beach.

Our kiddos could hardly contain their excitement as we unloaded our car and got ready to meet our home away from home for the next three nights.

Our family headed to Myrtle Beach (thanks to our friends at Coastal Abide) for a three-night stay in the lovely 2205 Margate Tower condo. To say that we were just a little bit excited doesn't even scratch the surface of how much we were truly looking forward to time at the beach as a family. Checking into the Margate was super quick and easy. We drove through beautiful Kingston Plantation (which is gated and secure), told the security guard we would be checking into the Margate for a three-night stay, and were given our parking pass to display in our windshield. From there, we kept driving to the Margate Tower, where we parked in the parking deck, entered the lobby to tell the desk that we'd be staying in 2205 Margate, and grabbed a luggage rack to take our belongings up to the 22nd floor.

Since Coastal Abide's condos at the Margate Tower are privately owned, there was no physical key for our condo, rather a door code, which we were given before check-in, along with other check-in/check-out instructions (these came via email from Coastal Abide management). We loved the coded door, and not having to worry about keeping up with physical keys for the duration of our stay.

Upon entering 2205 Margate, the coded door is located at the laundry room entrance.

We couldn't wait to see the lovely 2005 Margate condo. We excitedly punched in the door code and entered the spacious 3 bedroom/3 bath condo through the laundry room. I was so happy to see a full washer and dryer set, along with a utility sink, and plenty of space to keep the pool and beach bags in an out-of-the-way area. I knew just by looking at the beautiful floors upon entering the condo, that we were really in for a treat.

The large open space provides families or groups plenty of space to gather, play, and enjoy their time together.

Through the laundry room, and then to the left, we walked into a very large open concept space that offered a full kitchen, beautiful dining area, and comfortable living space to relax and lounge in. The condo was so spacious, we didn't quite know what to check out first! I always like to drop everything and walk through new-to-me spaces, to get a lay of the land before we start to unpack, so that's exactly what I did.

A dining area fully outfitted for feasts and casual meals.

The dining room was so beautiful, and beautifully furnished, and decorated. A large dining table seats eight (or more) people comfortably, allowing plenty of space to share good food, stories, and lots of laughter. We enjoyed our meals here during our stay. 

One of the wonderful amenities offered at Coastal Abide condos is their lovely selection of wine at the ready. Various spots throughout the condo housed displays of wine, which were available for our enjoyment. The 'enjoy one, leave one' policy is so much fun! If you choose to enjoy a bottle of wine during your visit, Coastal Abide asks that you leave a bottle of your choice for the next guests to enjoy. It felt like we were being given a gift, and then were able to leave a gift for the next guests, which I thought was so sweet! Everything from red, white, and rose' was at the ready, so no one needed to wait to head to a local store to make a wine purchase before relaxing and unwinding in the beautiful space.

A cook's kitchen to write home about

We enjoyed cooking in this beautiful, spacious, fully-stocked, and ready-to-use kitchen!

For our family, the last thing we want to have to worry about after a long afternoon of car travel is going grocery shopping or trying to find a place to have dinner. We brought along needed grocery items from home (simple planning for the win), and then simply placed them in the spacious fridge and freezer at the condo. The large kitchen provided lots of room for us to prep meals and cook in, and had absolutely everything we could want or need. We were so impressed to find everything from a blender to a toaster oven to an air fryer! Literally, any and every cook's tool, piece of barware, serving pieces, dishes, and utensils, as well as easy-to-use appliances were and are provided for guests.

A large kitchen with ample storage space for pantry items and groceries, plus plenty of space to prep and cook meals in.

Too many cooks in the kitchen? There's no such thing in this spacious kitchen! Along with so much space for family cooking, there was also a variety of coffee and tea to choose from and to enjoy, provided by the owners. A Keurig and traditional coffee pot were also available for daily use, which we absolutely loved. A cookbook with favorite recipes was displayed and available for guests to thumb through and use, as well.

Coffee or tea at the ready! Just take your pick!

The kitchen bar with stools provides extra seating for guests or a spot for the kids to hang out while waiting for their meals. Our kids enjoyed sitting in this spot!

So much space to live and play in!

To give you an idea of just how large the common space in 2205 Margate really is- check this out!

My kids felt small in this spacious condo! It was so nice to stay in a condo where no one felt like they were on top of anyone else. The kids literally laid down in the middle of the floor and sprawled out- that's how much they enjoyed all the room that 2205 Margate has to offer!

Coastal living at its finest: the living room offers a cozy space to relax and watch your family's cares melt away.

We really enjoyed the living room during our visit. The kids quickly claimed it, and each had their own space to sit and relax without having to touch each other (if you're a parent, you get it how sacred this is). The living room offers lots of seating with a comfy couch, loveseat, armchair, and then an extra accent table with two chairs (which can be pulled over to the dining table if needed). Coastal Abide knows how important family togetherness is, and that is something that they truly value, which is why you'll find that extra love and care has been put into all of their condos to ensure that families have comfortable stays, and have everything they could want or need already provided for them.

Game time! The kids loved the games that were provided by Coastal Abide.

Sit a spell for a fun game of tic-tac-toe!

Craving a treat? Grab a snack from the snack box, provided by Coastal Abide.

Our kids were so excited to find that the television unit was stocked with games for their enjoyment! We are so used to having to cart so many things for the kids from home when we travel (games included), that it was a nice break not to have to worry about that this time. There were lots of games to choose from for kids, and adults! Internet and cable were provided, and hooking into the Wifi (for work, etc) was super easy. Everyone was happy that there was something to do right within the condo in case there was a lull in the day, or we experienced rain, etc. We watched movies, relaxed, and just cozied up and hung out before putting the kids to bed each night, which made our time at the Margate even more special and memorable. If the kids felt like they needed a little pick-me-up, they found lots of treats waiting for them at the snack box kindly provided by Coastal Abide, which was filled with yummy cookies, crackers, etc.

Ocean views to last a lifetime!

The oceanfront balcony was enjoyed by all!

Located right off of the living room (and master suite), is a wide-stretching balcony with two access doors, and seating for 7-8 people. We spent a lot (and I do mean a lot) of time on this gorgeous balcony together as a family. It was so peaceful to sit on the balcony early in the morning with a cup of coffee to watch the sun come up. I cherish early morning quiet time like that, and to be able to have that in such a gorgeous setting was precious to me. It was the perfect way for me to recharge my soul and start each day with a grateful heart, ready to give the best of myself to my family.

What a beautiful spot to relax together as a family!

My husband and I enjoyed sitting on the balcony in the evenings, well after the kids were fast asleep for the night. Listening to the waves rolling in was so calming. It gave us the perfect place to sit and talk, away from everything else. For larger groups, the balcony is a great place to escape! I loved the fact that I could just walk out onto the balcony from the master suite each morning, without necessarily having to walk through the main area of the condo.

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, with a view!

It doesn't get much better than this for oceanfront dining!

Folks who love oceanfront dining will love the experience of grabbing a plate and taking a seat on the balcony. It was so nice to come in off of the beach each afternoon and to be able to fix lunch for the kids, and ourselves, and sit out on the balcony to enjoy it along with the beautiful view! Just look at how blue the water is!

This comfortable space is waiting for you at the Margate... just feet away from the ocean! Can you hear it calling your name?

Rest and refresh in absolute comfort.

A large master suite offers comfort and luxury everywhere you look.

One of the biggest stunners for me in this beautiful condo was the master suite. The master bedroom is huge, followed by a huge bathroom. I love having a master suite at home, but it doesn't even compare to this gorgeously decorated suite at the beach. A large king-size bed with a plush mattress and lots of comfy pillows invites couples to their own retreat. With a shared balcony, we enjoyed our own view of the ocean, right from our room. How relaxing it was just to open up the balcony door in the evenings and hear the sound of the waves as we got ourselves ready to turn in for the night. Dressers and chests of drawers, along with televisions are provided in all of the bedrooms. I love having space to unpack, so we're not living out of suitcases when we travel, and that's exactly what we were provided with.

'Darling, won't you stay a while...'

Upon entering the master suite, one couldn't help but immediately notice the tray on the bed, offering a mini champagne bottle, a pair of gorgeous flutes, and a dish filled with chocolate truffles. It's these little details that make a huge, and lasting impression on guests, and we so enjoyed such a thoughtful gesture. The master suite is the ultimate couples retreat- a quiet space to reconnect and relax together.

A large master bath offers space for relaxing and cleaning up.

It may sound silly, but the master bath was another highlight of this condo for me. I do have a spacious bathroom at home, but this space was an absolute place of relaxation. If you happen to be a mom, I'm sure you're familiar with sacred alone time in the bathroom (if you're lucky enough to get it). For me, this space provided a private spot for me to bathe/shower, and get ready in peace. His/hers sinks gave my husband and me space to lay out our toiletries, and there were drawers and cabinets to store everything out of sight when not in use. A hairdryer was provided, along with little soaps, lotions, and shampoos.

A large jacuzzi tub offers the ultimate spot to wash those cares away at the end of the day.

Being that I am currently expecting, I find a lot of comfort in being able to take in a soak every few days. The master bath includes a large jacuzzi tub, ready for guests to soak in, complete with offerings of bath salts and bath bombs! Beanie was thrilled that we shared this wonderful tub with her, and she had a chance to soak (and maybe even swim) in this gorgeous tub, perfecting her mermaid skills. Keep going further into the bathroom of the master suite to find a large walk-in shower and toilet, lush towels, and everything else you may need during your stay.

There are two more beautiful bedrooms I still have to show you!

Double twin room off of the kitchen/dining area.

This cute room was absolutely perfect for the kids. They immediately ran to this room upon walking into the condo and 'claimed it.' They love sharing a room when we go away, and were happy to be in this brightly decorated room. Their beds were so comfy, they slept wonderfully, and had space for their clothes and very few toys that they brought with them. There was also a TV in this room, which B enjoyed hooking his Nintendo Switch up to for some game time on his own.

The kids also enjoyed their own bathroom!

The bathroom off of the main living area was closest to the kids' bedroom, so that's the one they used. They liked knowing they were close to the bathroom at night, and could easily use it without any assistance from mom and dad- a win for all! This bathroom provides a walk-in shower, as well.

The perfect bedroom for a family to share...

This bedroom suite is absolutely perfect for a family of four or five to share together!

When we travel with extended family, one of our main concerns is always how we will wind up sleeping. Our family is growing, so being able to be together, yet have plenty of space is always wonderful. This second oceanfront bedroom offers amazing ocean views, two full sized beds, and a space that can be divided for privacy if wanted/needed. There are two televisions in this room, plenty of dresser space, and another large bathroom. There's also a desk in this room, which was the perfect spot to place a laptop to get some quiet work done when needed.

A third large and private bathroom gives everyone their own private space.

Privacy is important to me when traveling with extended family, so having the ability for everyone to have their own rooms and bathrooms in this condo is a huge plus! You can get the rest and relaxation you deserve in total privacy.

The closet between this particular bedroom and bathroom offers family gear! Yes, parents rejoice- items like a pack and play, high chair, and more are provided for you by Coastal Abide! The wonderful owners have paid extra close attention to what families might want/need while away from home and have made every effort to provide these items for their guests. Talk about going the extra mile! While we didn't need to use these items on this particular beach trip, it won't be long before we'll once again have to think about needing these items for our newest baby. Think of all of the room you'll save in the car by not having to bring these items along- and you won't have to worry about forgetting them! Thank you, Coastal Abide, for thinking of families!

Ready to hit the beach? Fun and games are ready and waiting for you!

A rec closet off of the main living and dining area houses beach essentials!

When we typically go to the beach, our car is so loaded down with chairs, tents, umbrellas, beach toys, towels, and then our groceries and luggage. This type of 'needed gear' can take up a lot of space and cramp our comfort level when on the road. Coastal Abide provides at least two beach chairs, a beach umbrella, beach towels, and a variety of sand toys and games for their guests! We were so happy not to have to bring these large items from home on this trip. Again, a thoughtful gesture, and honestly- a gift to guests from the owners.

Getting down to the beach is so easy!

Just to the left of the condo is the elevator to the main lobby, and there is also a service/beach access elevator for guests. I love that there are two separate elevators. A specific elevator and hallway for beach and pool-goers keeps sand out of the lobby and main elevator. Just take a ride on the elevator down to the main floor and follow the hallway to the doors leading out to the pools. Circle around the two gorgeous pools at the Margate for private beach access out onto a gorgeous stretch of beach!

There is a huge stretch of beachfront in front of the Margate, located beside Apache Pier. The beach never felt over-crowded, and we had a lot of space to ourselves to splash, play, and relax. We set up the chairs and umbrella provided by Coastal Abide, and played on the beach all morning! While the water was still a bit cool, the kids were brave and didn't skip a beat as they headed straight into the ocean.

Being able to sit and relax on the beach with my growing baby bump was just my cup of tea!

B made endless trips to the water to fill buckets with water for sandcastle building.

Our littlest fish stayed in the water as long as she could stand it.

Pool time!

A heated pool gives guests a warm place to enjoy swimming when the air is still a bit cool! This is my kind of pool- any time of year!

In the hot summer afternoon sun, we decided to cool off by hanging out at the pool. Margate Tower offers two pools (one is heated, the other is not), and a hot tub. Coming off of the beach, guests will find an area to clean off the sand before heading back inside or heading to the pools. We were pleased to find that the pools were not crowded and virtually had the pool area to ourselves! I will note that you do need a key card to re-enter the building and a code for the pool gate. These are provided for you by the owners (key cards are located hanging up inside the condo).

Take a look at this beautiful water feature which separates the two pools!

Gorgeous beach views, right from the pools!

The easy access to the pools and beach were wonderful. We saw a lot of families bringing their beach wagons down the elevator, which just furthered our initial thoughts of the Margate being very family-friendly. The grounds all around the pools are just stunning. It's like a private tropical paradise, right out the door of the Margate.

When we were finished playing outside, it was wonderful to be able to head back to the beautiful condo to get cleaned up for dinner. All of the bathing suits and sand toys with any residual sand were rinsed for a second time right upon walking back into the wash room of the condo. The utility sink was a lifesaver, and we were so glad to have it. Towels were washed and dried on the spot, and laundry items such as laundry pods were provided, so that was one more item we didn't have to buy or bring from home. Amazing!

Cuddles with my boy before heading out for dinner. These moments are fleeting, so I soaked up every bit of this!

I was able to take my time and truly pamper myself a little bit in the afternoons before dinnertime. I lingered taking a shower, and it was wonderful to be able to do so. The kids entertained themselves, and loved just being able to sit on the balcony and see the ocean, the pier, watch the clouds, and more. Our meals were mostly take-out brought back in or we ventured out to dinner. There are so many wonderful places to dine nearby, including some of our favorite spots like Nacho Hippo, Taco Mundo, Liberty Tap House, Bluberry Grill, and others.

While there is so much to see and do in Myrtle Beach, we mostly hung out at the condo this particular trip. It was too fabulous not to be there fully and enjoy every second of it. There is plenty of shopping, dining, golf, mini golf, arcade enjoyment, and of course live shows nearby, as well as family attractions like Alligator Adventure, Broadway at the Beach (which is famous for Wonder Works, and Ripley's Aquarium, also home to Wahlburgers, and Paula Deen's restaurant), Barefoot Landing, and more nearby. For shopping, don't think for one second that I skipped out on a trip to Tanger Outlets before leaving and heading home. I just had to get my fix of browsing favorite stores like Tory Burch, Kate Spade, Fossil, Simply Southern, and a few others.

We even wrapped up our beach trip with breakfast at Dino's House of Pancakes, which is a family tradition, and one that our kids weren't going to let us forget about.

Being at the beach is all about making memories, and that's exactly what we did while enjoying one of Coastal Abide's beautiful condos in Margate Tower. To be somewhere on vacation where you feel like you're sitting in the lap of luxury, while also feeling very at home is a rare thing. We said continuously during our three night stay at the Margate, that we felt right at home. The owners take such great care to make their guests want for nothing, yet feel very relaxed and right at home in their beautiful condos, and it shows in every single detail throughout the condo, as well as in the wonderful care and service we received from the management of the property.

I did make a call to the very sweet and helpful Leslie Osborne, who manages the condos for Coastal Abide, just to ask if there was anything we needed to do regarding towels, linens, trash removal, etc., before checking out. Aside from starting the dishwasher, we were instructed not to lift a finger, that their team would handle all trash removal, stipping of beds, etc. Leslie told us to enjoy our last evening/morning of our vacation and not to worry about a thing!

We're so used to doing all of these things when we leave a travel accomodation, and to not have to worry about it was an absolute treat. We received the best care and service from Coastal Abide, and to us, it was no surprise, but truly made for an out of this world vacation experience.

A few more photos from our amazing weekend in Myrtle Beach...

View of the pools/beach access from the balcony of 2205 Margate.

View of the beachfront and Apche Pier, right next to Margate Tower.

Sunset over the Kingston Plantation community, from the 22nd floor of Margate Tower.

Sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean.

Coastline view up the coast to the NC beaches from Margate Tower.

Quality family time spent on the beach.

Early morning dolphin watching from the balcony.

The faces of two kids who loved every second of their time spent at Margate Tower, who didn't want to go back home.

While we were sad to leave, we were incredibly grateful for the memories made. This is a trip to the beach unlike any we've ever had before (and that's saying something, as we've been visiting Myrtle Beach for 20+ years), and one that won't be forgotten! We've already shown all of our family and friends pictures from our trip, and a brochure of all of the Coastal Abide condos, in hopes that we can one day rent multiple condos as a large family unit for an extended family vacation in this beautiful location.

Ready to plan your trip?

Visit Coastal Abide to see full layouts and descriptions of all of the beautiful condos owned and offered by Coastal Abide, including the beautiful 2005 Margate. Each condo has a unique style from traditional, city chic, Boho, and more, which you are sure to love. In total, Coastal Abide has 16 bedrooms and sleeping accomodations for 36 guests. Discounts are available for booking two or more condos on the same dates.Whether traveling for business or pleasure, Coastal Abide will take care of your every need. For more information regarding rates. available dates, to learn more about Kingston Plantation, area attractions, and to book your next trip to Myrtle Beach, visit

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We can't thank our friends at Coastal Abide enough for providing us with such a magical and memorable vacation experience. We can't wait to visit again!

Who would you love to bring along on a Myrtle Beach vacation at one of Coastal Abide's beautiful condos at Margate Tower in Kingston Plantation, and which condo would you most love to stay in?

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