Looking for the best toasters? Here are 11 of the best toasters of 2021 that will fit any and all of your toaster criteria!


I know, who's ever thought this much about toasters? Me!! I literally can't buy anything without spending way too long looking at every option.

Lucky for you, in my search for the best toaster I found 11 amazing toasters that fit every need. I have a compact toaster, cute vintage looking toasters, a super high tech toaster, a toaster oven, and more!
This post is all about the best toasters of 2021. BEST TOASTERS: 1. Smeg Toaster  Smeg appliances are some of the only "retro" looks I would ever consider having in my apartment. "This toaster combines iconic midcentury style with modern features, so you can count on perfect toast or bagels every time."
Seriously though, this toaster is pretty much decor and would look so good on your counter. 
2. Smeg Toaster Dupe If a $200 toaster isn't really your thing, but you want to achieve the same look, this amazon dupe is SO good. I can't believe how similar they look!
This toaster has almost 2,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. It works just as well as it looks!! 
3. High Tech Toaster Okay I really debated whether or not I'd include this, but if you're really into toasters and high tech gadgets this might be the toaster for you. It will cost you an arm and a leg, but you will have a toaster with a touchscreen . 
You legit select the level of toastiness you want, and it shows you a digital version of your food toasting. Crazy, but definitely cool. 
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CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PRINTABLE! 4. KitchenAid 4-Slice Toaster This might be the most practical toaster on this post, especially if you're usually toasting for more than one person. KitchenAid is always good quality, and the design is simple and sleek! 
5. Long Slot Toaster Where are my sourdough bread lovers at? It's such a pain to toast if you don't have a long slot toaster like this! 
Cuisinart is a great appliance brand that will probably last you a really long time and work well! 
6. The Most Affordable Toaster This is the cheapest toaster I could find on amazon that still had really good reviews!! For just $18, you could have this 2 slice toaster.
This would be perfect for a college dorm room or college apartment because I think a lot of the time these kind of things get accidentally taken home by roommates or lost in the constant moves (so you never want to spend a lot). 
7. Compact Toaster Here's the tiniest toaster I could find! I think it still has a super sleek, classic design, but is small enough to fit in a tiny kitchen space! 
It also comes in a baby blue color if that's your style!
8. Toaster Oven A toaster oven is so convenient because you can reheat food items that can't go in a traditional toaster, and you can even make small batches of baked goods for that late night craving. 
I always grew up with a toaster oven and wished I had a regular toaster, but now I realize the toaster oven was actually pretty nice . This is another Cuisinart toaster that would be good quality! 
9. Clear view toaster for the perfect shade of toastiness I have never heard of this before, but when I found it I was like, wow... kind of genius. Dash is a super popular appliance brand right now (mini waffle makers) and their toaster has over 5,000 five-star reviews on Amazon! 
10. Toaster With Warming Rack What's something you didn't know you needed until now? This!
This toaster reminds of the Smeg toaster in a way, but costs less and has more features. 
The Amazon toaster has tons of five-star reviews and looks like a great option for a 4 slice toaster under $50! 
11. All-Clad Toaster (aka my dream toaster) If you know me, you know that I asked for an All-Clad waffle maker for Christmas, and it might just be one of my favorite things (after the All-Clad crock pot). 
To keep it cohesive, I would loveee this toaster one day. It also comes in a 4 slice option! 
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