Jennifer Garner Asked Her 7-Year-Old to Label Her Spice Rack & The Results are Hilarious

Having some little handy helpers in the kitchen is always fun, but as mom Jennifer Garner learned you have to take that help with a grain of salt––or in this case “rosefart.”

Garner shared an Instagram post featuring a picture of her kitchen counter with labeled spice jars lined up. At first glance all appears normal, but when you take a closer look at the labels you’ll notice something a little unusual. Instead of names like “rosemary” and “parsley” the jars feature monikers like “rosefart” and “parspee.”

In the post Garner explains the “unique” names. “Mom: Will you please make labels for my spices?, 7 year old boy: Yup.” Sounds about right. From her hilarious posts on parenting, it’s clear this mama of three has a pretty good sense of humor and now she can enjoy cooking with a side of laughs.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Jennifer Garner via Instagram



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