If you’re having a party at home or entertaining guests, a bar cart can be a wonderful idea

Most people want a place to put their drinks and a bar cart gives you the perfect opportunity to wheel that out when you’re hosting.

While they can be a great feature, there are many things to look for when considering the best bar cart for entertaining. You need to think about what size you want, what types of bottles and glasses you need it to hold, and any additional compartments you need. Added to this, the style and design will also be crucial to your buying decision.

Thankfully for you, we have everything covered here. We’ve looked at a wide range of different carts to suit all types of style and budget. We also have an FAQ section to clear up any doubts you may have. By the end, you should have a clear idea of which is the best car cart for you. Let’s get started!


Best Buy
1. Williston Forge Garry Bar Cart


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This is a classical and elegant bar cart that is perfect for hosting. It has a fenced bottom shelf with ample space to hold additional drinks and opened bottles for when you have company. Added to the two shelves, there is a five-bottle horizontal storage rack which is perfect for storing spirits or wine.

You can maneuver this Winston bar cart very easily due to its 360-degree swivel caster function that can also be locked into position. This way, you won’t have to worry about accidentally bumping your cart and sending it flying while spilling your drinks.

The frame of this bar cart is made with a quality MDF and metal combo designed in a vintage industrial style. This feature and the rustic brown color could fit perfectly in a minimalistic apartment or a large vintage house.

2. charaHOME Industrial Kitchen Serving Cart


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This charaHOME bar cart comes with even three open shelves to keep drinks ready no matter how large your party is. Besides the drinks, you can also keep fruits, snacks, and additional supplies on it as well.

The edge on the top shelf makes this bar cart safe, so you won’t have to worry about tall glasses sliding off. The sturdiness of high-quality wood and metal further adds to its high level of stability. The waterproof finish also makes this cart very durable, so you can use it to entertain for many years to come.

The four rolling casters move quietly and can be locked to avoid sliding. The design of the cart combines rustic minimalism and efficiency, offering you maximum performance. The cart comes with detailed instructions, all necessary tools, and a one-year warranty. It’s a perfect solution for anyone looking for a premium option. 

3. Raskog Utility Cart


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If you’re looking for a cart that fits into small spaces and is sturdy enough to hold everything from towels to heavy books and tools, this could be an excellent option for you. This cart was designed to serve in different ways, and it’s perfect for storage purposes. 

The middle section of the cart is even adjustable, so you can adapt it to whatever level you prefer for your storage needs. You can either just use it for drinks or use it to store other items until it’s time to have a party!

Despite its heavy-duty construction, this Raskog cart will be easy for you to move thanks to the four high-quality casters it rolls on. It comes with three trays with a depth of 3.5″, which makes them deep enough to hold a wide range of drinks. All these qualities add up to incredible value for money. 

4. FirsTime & Co. Gardner Industrial Bar Cart


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This FirsTime & Co. bar cart is on the larger size for those who want to be able to serve plenty of drinks. While it’s big, it will still fit perfectly in most rooms, no matter how small they are. The open-top can hold your set drinks or coffee and snacks, making this cart perfect for parties and as an end table.

You can hold up to six large wine glasses on the rack under the top tray, along with five bottles of whatever you want. The metal frame and rustic matte brown faux wood shelves make this car stand out even as a sophisticated decor piece in your home.

It’s super simple to put together and the four metal wheels make the cart easy to maneuver around. Despite its size, it’s very easy to use and you can bring the drinks wherever your guest might need them. 

5. Hoobro Bar Cart


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This three-tiered bar cart is the perfect solution when entertaining in small apartments. You can easily mingle and serve guests no matter how tight the fit is. If you want the bar cart to stay still, you can just apply the brakes on the castors. This makes it perfect for parties where you want to avoid any accidents. 

The melded retro wood texture and the matte black metal frame are incredibly sturdy, holding up to 150 lbs. Plus, the enclosure on the top and the bottom shelves prevents anything from falling off. 

Under the top shelf, there is a convenient metal rack to hang up five glasses, so you can come prepared for your guests. The provided assembly instruction makes this bar cart easy to put together and use for whenever you need it. 


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6. Latitude Run Congleton 2 Tier Bar Cart


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This is a bar cart with a minimalistic yet sturdy design you can use for various functions in your house. Whether you need to serve drinks in your backyard or store supplies in the kitchen or bedroom, this cart can be useful. 

It has two wide tiers, which have a slight edge to prevent anything from falling off. The upper shelf has a clever, half-open design that can support tall glasses and bottles while providing easy access to them at the same time.

Moving this cart around for your guests is very easy due to the four metal casters. What’s more, if you use the cart for storage and need the cart to keep still for a bit longer, you can just lock up the wheels. The soft color over the steel frame makes it perfect for those looking for a more modern design.

7. Selene Bar Cart


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This Selene bar cart with a sleek design can provide any room with a distinctive modern touch. It’ll also be an amazing conversation piece for your parties. It has a unique, tubular metal frame that encircles two glass shelves. 

Don’t let their delicate look fool you. They are made of thick, reinforced glass, so you won’t have to worry about accidentally chipping it with your bottles or glassware. The see-through shelves make it easier for you to locate your supplies, even on the bottom. The shelves are also super easy to clean.

The wheels under the base glide smoothly when you need it to move it, but the cart works perfectly as a display shelf too. If you are looking for a stylish bar cart with clever construction for tight spaces, this could be perfect. The clear instructions and the tools it comes with are also a huge bonus. Whether you need it for serving drinks or displaying your plants, it won’t disappoint.

8. Nathan James Carter Rolling Car


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This bar cart has a classic matte black frame combined with a tempered glass top and can serve multiple functions anywhere in your home. Both shelves have an additional side frame that can fit up to 10 bottles of your favorite drinks. 

Whether you need this cart for hosting a party or storing supplies in your kitchen or living room, you can always find a use for it. The locking casters give you the ability to decide how you want to keep them.

The design of this Nathan James bar cart might be modern looking, but it’s made to last. The manufacturer offers a super-fast assembly and lifetime manufacturer warranty. Plus, if you find it’s not the right fit for you, you can return it within 100 days.

9. World Market Geneva Bar Cart


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Another classic yet super affordable bar cart to complete your home bar or serve as a stylish accent piece for storage and more. The metal frame has an elegant champagne color that can elevate any room’s aesthetics.

The Word Market bar cart is also highly functional as the frame is equipped with protective elements and a built-in bottle rack under the upper shelf. Not to mention the handle, which’s a specially useful treat for a bar cart.

This holds up to five bottles of your favorite drinks, and the stemware beside it can fit some glasses. You can always prepare them ahead and just roll them when the guests arrive. It’s a beautifully elegant and modern solution. 

10. Linon Austin Cart


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When living in a small apartment, a versatile item such as this bar cart can be extremely helpful. With three shelves, it can serve you as an ample storage space in your living room. You can use it for books, plants or anything else you want to. 

The solid metal frame holds three wood plank shelves. These wooden shelves are sturdy enough to accommodate not only the weight of small kitchen staples. They can even hold the weight of a microwave or any other small to medium kitchen appliance. 

Between the planks, there is also a bottle holder and a glass holder. This leaves the space on the shelves available for snacks. It’s perfect for anyone who needs something a little taller with a  smaller footprint. 


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