For my daughter’s 4th birthday I wanted to make an extraordinary DIY dollhouse

The KALLAX shelf with 4 cubes (for 4 rooms) was ideal for this.
IKEA items used: KALLAX 2×2 shelving unit HUSET dollhouse furniture sets LILLABO Cardboard packaging Other materials: Wrapping paper Glue Fabric for curtains and pillows LED lights Here’s what I did.
To close up the exposed back of the KALLAX, I attached cardboard from the packaging.

Then, I decorated the walls with wallpaper and wrapping paper. I printed and glued on windows and doors.

The furnishing consists of the HUSET doll furniture for the living room.

The rest of the furnishings, I bought second hand – it’s the doll furniture LILLABO (ca. 8 years old).

Also, I pasted picture on the walls, decorated the house with curtains and pillows I sewed.

All rooms have battery powered lighting – a mini desk lamp (really a reading lamp for books) in the living room, a chain of lights in the bedroom an LED touch lights on the ceiling of the kitchen and the bathroom.

~ by LiFinchen

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An EXPEDIT DIY dollhouse
I used napkins and decoupage to make a DIY dollhouse from the EXPEDIT for my daughter.

The EXPEDIT is discontinued but this works with the KALLAX too.
Materials: EXPEDIT 2×2 shelving unit Napkins Mod Podge Dollhouse furniture sets (I used items from the brand called Selecta)
I used a Napkin Technique Set, however it wasn’t ideal. It needed a proper primer, long drying times holding the napkins where they should be. 

Next time I would just use wallpaper.

The dollhouse has a bathroom, bedroom, living room and kitchen.

The kitchen is put together from a colorful smorgasbord of flea market finds. The cast-iron stove was a gift from the grandparents and is probably not even a toy, but it fits very well.

The “dad” is in the living room looking at the dining table, which can be pulled out. 

The dollhouse furniture is great for creative play, because the shelf can be set up in different positions and the loft bed is also a small stage.

My daughter loves it and is creating almost every day in her new dollhouse. 

~ by Amberlight-label

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