Cook Often? KonMari Your Spice Cabinet with THIS.

How’s your spice cabinet looking? Need a new spice rack organizer?

If you regularly cook, you know the struggle is real when it comes to finding a spice that’s hidden in the back of the cabinet somewhere. Even worse, when you spend more money on duplicates because you couldn’t find it the first time. Doh! 😓

Luckily, I’m sharing a few of my favorite kitchen organizing tools to tidy up those spice jars including my favorite spice rack organizer and jars! I have honestly reorganized my spices several times over the years, but this method is helping me STAY organized finally!

Let’s start with the Spicy Shelf stackable spice rack organizer!

My spice cabinet used to be a complete disaster with spices just thrown in haphazardly and I found myself digging through them and taking jars out every time I cooked, which is annoying and time-consuming!

As a food blogger for Hip2Save and our sister site, Hip2Keto, it’s super important for me to save time by keeping myself organized and this inexpensive spice rack organizer has helped me so much! I love that it utilizes the vertical space so well here, and I can see everything at all times.

Spicy Shelf was the solution I needed!
Just look how tidy and organized my spices are! The expandable shelves adjust to fit the dimensions of your cabinet and they’re super easy to install. The shelves sit right inside the cabinet, require no hardware, and they stack! 👏

Here’s where you can buy a Spicy Shelf kitchen spice rack organizer for your home:
Target – $19.99 (get an additional 5% off with your Target RedCard) Bed Bath & Beyond – $21.99 ($17.59 for BEYOND+ Members) Amazon – $23.99
Hip Tip: Spicy Shelf can also organize other smaller household items, such as a collection of nail polishes, essential oils, supplements, medicines, or craft paint.
Let’s talk about these empty spice jars and labels from Amazon!

To be honest, this idea is probably the most satisfying organizing project I’ve ever done, and I love the clean looking results so much!

It only took me about an hour or so to transfer all my spices into these empty glass jars, and apply the labels. This high-quality Aozita 36 piece spice jar set comes with over 300 labels for any spice you could ever imagine, and a handy funnel to make transferring spices super fast and convenient!

The price on this set can fluctuate on Amazon. I paid around $40 for it (but it’s on sale now!) and it’s been worth every penny because it has saved so much time when cooking to quickly identify spices!

Aozita Glass Spice Jars and Labels Set $31.99 (regularly $59.99)
Clip the $2 off digital coupon
Shipping is free
Final cost $29.99 shipped!

Need more? Try ordering the 48-count set for only $33.99!

Don’t have cabinet space? My best friend has the same jars and labels from Amazon laying flat and incorporates them as an organized spice drawer. I equally love her setup too! You can get a similar result using a drawer tray insert organizer like this as another idea!

Hip Tip: The brand of spices called Simply Organic are basically the same glass jars as this set so any time I buy those, I will keep the jar, remove the original label, and replace it with a black label to add to my collection of spices!

And finally, I wanted to mention how handy it is to have a drop-down spice shelf!

I installed this pull-down spice organizer from The Container Store in the cabinet above and LOVE IT!
It’s perfect for higher cabinets and I love using it to organize large and small spice containers. Here’s a similar pull-down spice shelf on Amazon to purchase online. If you are short like me, this is so handy to easily reach and access spices all at once.
Here’s another organizer our team loves:
Our team is also very impressed with this YouCopia Chef’s 30-Bottle Spice Organizer. The drawers pull out and lower to display spices at eye level for easy location and reach. There’s no installation or mounting, and it comes with both printed and blank labels to customize your spices.

Bonus: Want to get crafty and DIY some spice labels?

Wanting to make custom spice labels yourself? You’ve got to check out my Hip sidekick Sara’s post on making these spice labels with her Cricut. And if you’re already thinking you’d be in way over your head, think again because Sara is a crafting newbie and still nailed this DIY so I know you can too!

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