A well-organized home is also a comfortable one

Having enough storage for everything offers a really nice sense of accomplishment and only in time you get to discover all the little details that make your home complete. Luckily, there’s always room for improvements. Check out our selection of DIY storage ideas and adapt the designs that you like to your own requirements and home decor.
DIY Storage Ideas for Easy Organization 1. Shelf Above Door

In the bathroom, you can maximize the storage capacity of the space by adding a shelf above the door. To build this accessory you need a wooden board, two brackets, and two support arcs. The shelf can be as wide as the door frame or wider, depending on whether you prefer symmetry or not. Give the shelf any shape you want. The simplest option would be to make it rectangular. Find all the necessary details about the project here.
2. Wire Basket

Build a simple wire basket for the towels and add it to your bathroom. It’s a useful accessory when you don’t have room in the cabinet for extra towels or when you want to keep them organized and close at hand when you’re taking a shower. You can put the basket on a shelf or mount it directly on one of the walls. To make the basket you’ll need wire mesh, wire cutters, and pliers. If you want you can give it a wooden base. Have a look at the full tutorial for more details.
3. Under Sofa Storage

Most sofas don’t sit directly on the floor but are supported by solid legs that elevate them a few cm above the floor level. That means that there’s some empty space under there which you can use for storage. To take advantage of that space you can build a rolling tray. You’ll need a piece of wood for the base, some wood strips for the sides, nails, a hammer, glue, and four small wheels. It’s a simple project that gives you under sofa storage for things like magazines, remote controls, and other items.
4. Rolling Cart

Similarly, a rolling cart can be hidden under an armchair or under the bed and can offer extra storage for the things that usually occupy the coffee table or that stay scattered around the room. Alternatively, you can use such a cart to organize your knitting supplies, your cat’s toys, or lots of other things. The project has intermediate difficulty and requires a few things such as some plywood, glue, casters, and leather strips.
5. Storage Boxes

In case you didn’t figure this out on your own yet, boxes are really useful for storage. They can be used to organize and put together small things that would otherwise occupy your drawers or desk. Use storage boxes to make your home clutter-free and have fun along the way. We suggest customizing the boxes by spray painting them and by adding labels.
6. Herring Box

Speaking of boxes, if you’re serious about this then perhaps you’d like to craft something a bit more solid and long-lasting than a cardboard box. Building a box out of wood would be pretty simple. You just need to glue together the base and sides. After that, you can have fun decorating it. An elegant idea is to make a herringbone box. A while ago we featured a tutorial for this particular project.
7. Pallet Storage Shelving

Those of you that enjoy wrapping gifts and have a pretty big collection of wrapping paper rolls and accessories probably know that finding a practical way to store these things is nearly impossible. The best option would be to have custom built. We have a suggestion for this task: repurpose a wooden pallet. You don’t have to make any major modifications, Just remove some boards and if needed modify the dimensions as well. Check out our tutorial for DIY pallet storage shelving for inspiration.
8. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves can always be added later on when you come to realize that you could use some extra storage for the kids’ books or for your magazines, collectibles, or spice jars. When that moment comes, grab some wood boards, a hammer, a few nails, some paint, glue, a drill, and some screws and get to work. It shouldn’t take long to complete the project, especially if you’re handy with this sort of DIY project.
9. Fabric Organizer

This framed fabric organizer may not be something that you really need for your home but it’s definitely something that you might find useful for your home office or entryway. The organizer is great for keeping mail, postcards, and other things in one place. No sewing is required for this project. The first step is to find a frame that you like and some fabric that goes with it. You’ll also need a stapler, scissors, an iron, and perhaps also some spray paint if you want to customize the frame.
10. Basket

Baskets are pretty cool. You can use them to store all sorts of things like extra blankets or pillows, knitting supplies, towels, etc. They look cozy and they can be casually left on the floor without making the room look messy. For an even better look, we suggest a painted basket. If you like the idea, go find yourself a basket, some acrylic paint, and paintbrush and get to work.
11. Industrial Kids Bookshelf

Kids grow up fast and before you know it they start to draw and to read. That’s when you might realize that they need a bookshelf to organize and store all their favorite books and creations. No worries, you can solve that by building the bookshelf yourself. Basically, all you really need for such a project is a bunch of wood boards and some metal rods. What you’ll get is a simple piece of furniture with an industrial look. If you want all the details, check out the tutorial featured on Cherishedbliss.
12. Electronics Tray

Trays are very practical, especially when you want to organize things. For example, you can use a tray to keep your devices all in the same place or to store your charging cables. But instead of crafting the tray from scratch, it would be easier to use an existing one and to simply customize it. You could use a wood burner or some paint to give it a unique look. This idea comes from Domicile37.
13. Wooden Crates

For your growing book collection, a pretty cool idea could be to make a crate bookcase. Basically, you just stack some wooden crates, and then you organize your books inside them. It’s an extremely simple project and the result is a bookcase that gives the space a really casual and homey look. The bookcase would fit perfectly into a Nordic-style interior.
14. Denim Storage

In case you happen to have a pair or two of old jeans which you no longer need or use, you can repurpose those into stylish denim storage boxes. For the project, you need a cardboard storage box, a pair of adult jeans, spray adhesive, fabric, clips, a needle, and thread. And, if you also want to label the box, you’ll also need some white acrylic paint, letter stencils, and a small paint brush.
15. Wall Hanging Crates

The project described on iheartorganizing shows us how simple wood crates can become a stylish addition to an existing entertainment center. The crates are transformed into bookshelves and they look really chic. It’s real simple. Just cut the crate in two lengthwise and then paint and mount the two halves on the wall using brackets. You can install at kid level if you want the little ones to be able to reach them easily.
16. Gem Boxes

For little things like your jewelry, you need something chic and delicate. You could craft something yourself. Start with some bare wood boxes in any size and shape you want. Paint them and their lids in a color that you like and then decorate them with gemstones. You can glue a little stylish gemstone knob on each lid. {found on be-a-gem}.
17. Storage Bin

You know those tote bags that everyone takes with them at the beach? They sure look roomy and with great storage potential so as the summer comes to an end you could repurpose your tote into something else. If you give it a makeover you could turn it into a storage container for your kitchen, pantry, or for pretty much any other space. Your tote storage bin would look lovely if you just wrap some fabric around its bottom and sew it in place.
18. Wood and Acrylic Shelf

In the bathroom, it’s best not to waste space with bulky furniture and unnecessary features. Open shelves are usually the most practical. We came across a really beautiful design for a wood and acrylic shelf. It’s not exactly a very complex project and the contrast between the materials and textures is eye-catching and elegant.
19. Pipes

PVC pipes are pretty versatile and often used in all sorts of interesting DIY projects. One of them is featured on Cookielovesmilk. The pipes were in this case used to make a shoe storage rack. Basically, lots of pipe sections were stacked and attached to a wall. If you want, you can alternate pipes that have different sizes to accommodate various types of shoes.
20. Files Storage

If you don’t have a good system in place for storing magazines, they can make your space look pretty messy. A suggestion would be to build yourself some magazine files. This is actually something you can purchase from your local stores but if you want something different and unique, go ahead and make some timber ones. You can paint and customize them however you want.
21. Dollar Tree Candy Jars

Glass jars are one household item that is easy to repurpose in DIY crafts for storage, and these adorable candy jars from Passionate Penny Pincher are a good way to use them up. Different kinds of colorful candy can create a cheerful and visually interesting focal point in the kitchen in transparent jars. This project creates a sleek candy jar for a fraction of the price of one of the more expensive glass candy jars you’ll find for sale at a department store.
22. Macrame Plant Hangers

DIY macrame enjoyed the height of its popularity in the bohemian sixties when it was used for everything from wall hangings to clothing. One of the most popular macrame projects for those new to the craft is macrame plant hangers. These DIY macrame plant hangers from Homedit are a simple and stylish way to clear up some flat surfaces in your home, and hanging plants can also enjoy better ventilation that helps encourage new growth. Hanging planters are also a great option for displaying long hanging plants such as a string of pearls or pothos plant. 
23. Clothespin Hat Display

Hats can be one of the more difficult things to store in a bedroom or wardrobe since they often come in various shapes and sizes, none of which stack particularly well. A vertical wall hat display such as the clothespin hat displays at A Beautiful Mess are perfect for getting hats out of the closet and off the floor. With just a few simple supplies, this hat display provides a way to proudly display your hat collection. Organizing the collection on display by that type or color can add an extra layer of organization and visual appeal to this DIY storage idea.
24. DIY Leather Woven Baskets

If you’re not a crafter who has ever worked with leather before, the idea of creating a DIY leather woven basket might be intimidating. The truth is that this DIY faux leather basket project from Club Crafted is simple to follow and can produce a sturdy, attractive basket that’s useful for storing several different kinds of items. A major advantage in weaving storage baskets out of faux leather is that this material comes in a wide variety of colors and finishes. This makes it easy to pick a leather that will create a great-looking basket for any interior design scheme.
25. Copper and Leather Hanging Bar

This copper and leather hanging bar from Vintage Revivals is good for adding industrial flair to a modernist design scheme in a bedroom or storage area. Using a copper pipe, some copper caps, a grommet kit, and some leather straps, you can create a great hanging storage option for either the bedroom or a bathroom area. Keep in mind when using copper that it will eventually turn green as it comes into contact with the atmosphere, leading to an aged finish known as patina. To avoid patina on your copper and leather hanging bar, add a protective coating to the base crafting recipe.
26. Colorful Rope Basket

Colored cotton rope can be used to make a wide variety of projects from macrame to seat covers, but one of the best ways to use this crafting material is to create rope baskets for storage. This simple DIY project from Ohoh Deco can be done with nothing more than some rope, thread, a sewing machine, and fabric dye. The ability to dye this storage project any color you want makes it a versatile addition to any design scheme or decor choice. Using multiple dyes on the basket can result in a pretty tie-dyed look for a bright storage option in any room.
27. DIY Taco Headphone Organizer

Headphone cords are one of the more difficult things to keep organized in a bedroom or purse, but a headphone organizer can help keep the cords from becoming hopelessly tangled up. This DIY taco headphone organizer at Club Crafted is a quirky and entertaining storage option for keeping your headphones in good working order. This storage project requires a few more supplies than average since you need several different colors of felt to create the realistic look of the taco filling, but it’s well worth the effort to put this adorable headphone organizer together.
28. DIY Purse Rack

It’s easy for purses to get lost in the bottom of a closet or underneath a bed, so it’s a good idea to set up a special storage area for them if you have more than one. An acrylic DIY purse rack like the one from Apartment Therapy uses plain acrylic dividers to set up compartmentalized storage in the top of your closet or on a bookshelf. Storing purses this way makes it easy to find the one you’re looking for when it’s time to go out on the town.
29. DIY Plywood Pegboard

For years pegboards have been one of the most popular storage options for home organizers, and with good reason. These vertical wall hangings are the perfect way to reduce storage options that take up valuable floor space in your home. Whether you’re storing crafting supplies or tools in the garage, a pegboard lets you find the right supplies fast. This oversized DIY plywood pegboard at Organized Home is a great jumping-off point to set up vertical storage in virtually any room. Use this basic crafting recipe and add your own special touches such as paint or trim for a pegboard that is customized to fit perfectly in any storage area in your home.
30. DIY Pocket Organizer

Pocket organizers that hang on the back of a doorway have been a popular DIY storage option for years, and these organizers are great for storing everything from bath products to crafting supplies. Pocket organizers can also be created to scale so that they’re small enough to fit on the inside of a cabinet or large enough to fit the back of a bedroom door. This DIY pocket organizer from Closet Core Patterns is a great way to use up scrap fabrics and add storage to your home at the same time.
31. Crochet Hook Holder

Talk to any crochet hooker or knitter, and you’re likely to hear a story of woe about how their needles and hooks like to magically disappear the minute they turn their head. These small crafting tools are notorious for going missing, so getting dedicated storage for them can prevent you from having to replace them over and over again. This DIY crochet hook holder from Petit bout le chou uses a bamboo sushi mat to create a perfect holding pen for your crochet hooks when they’re not in use.
32. Modernist Cinder Block Bookshelves

Cinder block bookshelves are a great way to add storage to a room while also adding a grungy, industrial look to any room you install it in. These DIY bookshelves are dirt cheap to set up and are sturdier enough to hold even heavier books without collapsing. This DIY cinder block bookshelf design from The Survival Gardener is a great plan for getting a few shelves up in a hurry. It can look even better to choose some slightly worn recycled cinder blocks rather than choosing new ones from the home improvement store for a distressed aesthetic.
33. DIY Hanging Bucket Organizer

Buckets are a great way to store small items such as barrettes or clothespins that might easily fall through storage containers with holes in them. A solid bucket can be made of many different materials and can be decorated with paint, stickers, or other accents. These DIY hanging bucket organizers from The Beauty Dojo can be hung either horizontally or vertically, making them a good storage option no matter where you have extra room on the wall to mount them. The buckets can even be placed in a staggered pattern for an asymmetrical look.
34. DIY Blanket Ladder

Blankets are decor objects that are best stored in the open, where they are easily accessible. This also allows you to choose high-quality blankets for display that can add an interesting focal point to your room. To store blankets in the open, this DIY blanket ladder from Bob Vila helps homeowners avoid having to store their blankets in a bulky floor chest or hamper. The blanket ladder doesn’t even require any nails or screws to assemble, making it a perfect crafting project for DIY beginners.
35. DIY Mason Jar Storage

Mason jars are one of the easiest crafting supplies to obtain, and these containers make great see-through storage to organize spaces that involve a lot of small pieces such as garage workshops or crafting nooks. Mason jars are also easy to label, which makes it even easier to find exactly the jar of materials you’re looking for even if you have several sizes of the same supply type. This crafting recipe at The Handy Homemaker can show you the ropes when it comes to setting up mason jar storage in your home.

Good DIY storage ideas are one of the most important aspects of designing a home interior, and without proper storage, a room can’t help but feel cluttered. The DIY options for storage in the list above are a great way to find a place for everything in your house without going over budget. Most of these storage options are also customizable so that no matter what kind of aesthetic you’re going for, you should be able to find a storage option that fits it.


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