A Sophisticated Modern Family Home with Two Inspiring Kids Bedrooms

This family home takes the ultra-streamlined sensibilities of modern architecture and combines it with welcoming aesthetic details – a place that feels perfectly contemporary without sacrificing an ounce of charm. Visualized by the talented Daria Alieva, this home features an open concept living space where family can come together for quality time. Then, this tour branches out to explore the reinvigorating master bedroom where parents can recharge and two spectacular children’s bedrooms where imagination is encouraged to come alive. Which space is your favorite?

Opening this home tour is a look across the open concept living and kitchen areas. Calm neutrals define the palette with warm natural woods serving to soften the sharp modern lines that define the interior. Accents of emerald green and pale oranges add a splash of energy.

The walls are clad with minimalistic white panels, interspersed by contrasting panels of wood. Cove lighting adds a dimensional effect.

A simple modern sofa sits in front of a practical coffee table. Perfect tidiness is rarely practical for a family home, so the open bottom shelf serves as a convenient catch-all.

The seating area centers around a wood feature wall. Not only does this architectural element help visually define the separation between the kitchen and the dining room, it also offers a bit of decorative storage on the side.

It also helps to move the television closer to the seating area. This benefit would have been lost by mounting the television on the true wall.

Situated under the television is a gorgeous modern fireplace, its glass wrapping around the edge to be viewed from the dining table.

While many open concept living spaces place the dining room near the kitchen, this one opts for a different approach. Children can watch television under the watchful eye of a cooking parent, or complete homework at the dining table while a parent catches up with the evening news.

Of course, it also benefits from the prime real estate of its expansive windows that flood the area with cheerful light. At night, a modern chandelier dances overhead to provide a warm and welcoming ambiance.

Each well-curated detail continues the aesthetic theme of the living room – the green chair upholstery, the orange artwork, the simple glass vase.

This one wall kitchen design carries no shortage of storage space, from rows of drawers to tall cupboards and high out-of-the-way cabinets.

To the side, a cozy little breakfast nook offers a place for children to enjoy breakfast over cartoons or quick snacks throughout the day. Between uses, the surface can double as extra workspace for the preparation of large meals.

Private spaces exist along the wide and airy hallway.

The master bedroom is an embodiment of restful comfort.

Sleek bedroom pendant lights illuminate the backdrop of wood panels with a warm glow, their globe diffusers providing gentle reading illumination for the platform bed.

Like the living room, this space has a special wall unit especially for the television.

Not only does this wall provide a handsome solution to ensure the screen is close enough to see, it also makes the bed area feel a little more closed-off and intimate.

In a space without much extraneous furniture, bedding can do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to personal expression.

On the other side of the television wall, floor-to-ceiling mirrors break up the profile of the volume to reduce its visual impact.

A small workspace occupies a cheerful spot near the large windows. A single table lamp sits on the simple modern home office desk, a straightforward setup for effective concentration.

Now for a look at the master bathroom. This gorgeous space fully embraces rich earth tones, using a palette of natural materials to create a calming environment.

The modern bathroom vanity features a body of deep wood grain, topped by a thick stone stab and punctuated by a vessel sink.

Ample built-in storage keeps this space neat and tidy. A row of open shelving – conveniently illuminated by cove lighting – allows easy access to essentials.

More open shelving organizes the bath supplies.

Now for a look at the inspiring bedrooms designed for the children. This one immediately captures the eye with its charm – a space designed with imaginative play in mind.

A well-organized workspace offers a comfortable place for study and creative projects. Playful house-shaped shelves above hold decorations, with expansive bookshelves to the side. Shallow drawers along the bottom of the desk provide easy access to important implements while deeper drawers to the left provide room for file folders or larger supplies.

Perhaps one of the most unique parts of this pink bedroom is the little house-shaped bed nook. The interior is padded with upholstered wall panels, surrounded on the outside by little stars and clouds.

Cove lighting provides ambient illumination to keep nightmares away in the evening.

It is impossible to have too much storage space in a bedroom designed for a child. Here you can see the large wardrobe, continuing the star and cloud motif.

In the corner, a plush beanbag offers a cozy place to read books from the house-shaped bookshelf.

Next, for a quick look at the blue bedroom. This one starts with a simple scene – a cozy little bed tucked into a gently lit cove.

Ample storage space surrounds on every side.

The room is divided with care. A simple area to sleep on one side, while the other half emphasizes play.

A charming little jungle gym accommodates physical exercise while a neat workspace provides space for mental stimulation.

This kid’s study is just as functional as it is stylish. Storage space can be found above and to each side, with a large corkboard for ideas and inspiration at the back.

For more prolonged study sessions, a fluffy bean bag offers a more comfortable place to read and relax.

A nice mix of enclosed cabinets and open wall shelves balances the need for organization and decoration.

This space captures the refreshing brightness of a minimalist bathroom and adds charming decorative flair – the magic comes from details like the chevron wall tiles and the decorative foliage.

Light wood cabinetry offers a natural touch, bringing warmth to the clean lines that define this space.

Ample storage is another benefit, essential for a family bathroom like this one. The row of open shelving takes a creative approach with strong horizontal lines.

And finally, a quick look at the shower. A simple transparent divider prevents any splashing onto the wood of the vanity.

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