A proper and organized storage system can save you a lot of time and make your life a lot easier but unlike in a game where you’d have a single centralized storage area in real life everything is spread throughout the house

We have different types of storage for different types of items and the possibilities are infinite as are the design options and the materials used. Pallet storage is a particularly interesting category, one which relies on recycling and creative handcrafting.

The beauty of using reclaimed pallets in your projects is that you can only make use of certain sections and actually craft several different things from a single pallet. For this charging station featured on apieceofrainbow you only need a few boards and some basic tools. Of course, you can also make something like this using store-bought planks or driftwood and other reclaimed materials, depending on your preferences and the materials that are available to you.

You can also use a few boards from a reclaimed pallet to make something useful for your kitchen, like a plate rack. This design comes from waltswooddesign and is both simple and very efficient. You can hang something like this above the kitchen sink. It will allow to dry and store plates, glasses, mugs and other things and it will cost you close to nothing if you decide to use pallet wood for it.

A few reclaimed pallet boards can also be put to good use to make a wonderful little coffee station. This design was shared by ourcraftymom and is really great. It’s simple and practical and there’s a lot that you can customize about it. For example, if you don’t use coffee pods, you can use the basket to store something else or replace it with a shelf that’s also made out of pallet wood.

Bigger projects like this vegetable storage rack featured on scrapality can also be customized to use reclaimed pallet wood which would keep the cost low and will add character to the design. In this case it would work out great given that this bin system is already meant to look rustic. This entire storage system can be crafting from one pallet.

If you’re thinking of adding some curtains to your windows, consider incorporating a shelf into your design. It’s a very clever way of adding more storage to the room and an excellent way of drawing more attention to the windows. To keep the cost of the project low you can use wood from a reclaimed pallet to make the shelf. Check out kenyarae to find out more details about this inspiring project.

Speaking of windows and shelves, we also came across a very interesting idea on stowandtellu. This is an over-the-sink window shelf for the kitchen. You can use it for storage if you have a tiny kitchen or you can put a few potted plants and herbs on it so they can enjoy the sunlight. In any case, this is a wonderful opportunity to use some reclaimed wood so go find yourself a pallet and have fun repurposing it.

Even a single board can be very useful, as proven by this clever storage rack featured on hearthookhome. It’s made from a pallet boards and some steel hose clamps and it’s excellent for the bathroom. It’s small, slender and very practical and you can easily squeeze it in even if you don’t have a lot of space to work with.

Isn’t this storage chest absolutely charming? One of the reasons why it has so much character is because it’s made out of reclaimed wood. It’s a chest-type piece with a simple and very sturdy design. It has rope handles and the lid is also attached with rope. Of course, you can customize these little details in any way you see fit if you decide to make something similar for yourself. Check out the tutorial on theprojectlady.

Pallet wood is also excellent for building shelves and storage systems for the garage. This for example is a tool storage shelf made out of a single pallet. The transformation is quite simple and straight-forward and, as always, there are lots of different customization options. You can find the original design and all the details about this project on funkyjunkinteriors.

Here’s a little something that you could make for your kitchen. This is a mug rack/ storage shelf which you could also use as a coffee station. It’s made from just a few pieces of pallet wood and it has three nails which act as hooks for mugs and cups. The bottom shelf can be used to store coffee pods, spice jars and whatever else you think would make most sense for your own kitchen. Check out inspirationalmomma for more details about this project.

This right here is a small crate made from upcycled pallet wood and it’s a simple item to build. Also, it’s very versatile and can be used in lots of different ways. For example, it can be a storage container for the pantry, you can keep it on the kitchen counter and fill it with veggies and fruits or you can use it as a serving tray. Head over to thecraftygentleman to find out more about it.

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