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Social Media Coaching

I hate the word consultant. When describing someone who works with social media, you can put consultant in the same category as guru, ninja or expert. How can you truly be an expert in something that changes every day? A ninja’s a bit too violent, a guru’s on the spiritual side and consultants? Well consultants are pretty much the Bobs in Office Space.


I’d rather see myself as a social media coach. Coaches teach. They help others learn and grow. Ultimately, coaches are more knowledgeable than their players because they’ve studied their game a bit more.¬†Coaches are important, but they can’t succeed unless they put their players in the right positions.

One of my goals when I co-founded Spiracle Media was to help athletes and businesses better market themselves using social media. I’ve been fortunate to work with athletes ranging from the NBA’s Stephen Curry¬†to Olympic gold medalist Ricky Berens. I’ve helped “coach them up,” and they’ve executed game plans that have scored them additional exposure and revenue streams.

On the business side, I’ve helped small and medium-sized companies build successful social media strategies. But those successes wouldn’t have been possible if the businesses weren’t willing to listen to their coach.

If you’re interested in enhancing your social media efforts, Spiracle Media can:

  • Perform a complete social media audit
  • Build a comprehensive social media strategy
  • Guide you while you implement a new social media strategy
  • Manage social media accounts for your business
  • Host seminars for your team or staff, teaching them best social media practices

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Video Production

We founded Spiracle Media with more than 30 years of broadcast television experience between us. We’re not a traditional marketing or PR firm and we don’t pretend to be. We’re storytellers, and in this digital world where online video connects millions of people every day, we help our clients tell their stories.

Below you’ll find an example of one of our recent pieces, and for much more, check out the Spiracle Media YouTube channel.

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